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The Arts

Students use their creativity, imagination and senses to express ideas about social, cultural, historical and spiritual contexts through Dance, Drama, Music, Media and Visual Art. They extend their aesthetic understandings of arts elements and languages. They create their own arts works and present and respond to their own and others’ arts works, considering intended audiences and intended purposes. They recognise that there are many different arts disciplines and that people may choose to work as artists or use their expressive capabilities in other areas of their recreational and working lives.
Students understand that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts works are expressions of knowledge, complex relationships and diverse perspectives. They use protocols relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts works.
Students use the essential processes of Ways of working to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. They extend their understanding of arts practice through active engagement, both individually and collaboratively, with arts elements, techniques, skills and processes, working creatively and imaginatively to take risks and consider purpose and context of the arts from their own experiences and those of other artists. They develop their ability to analyse meaning and they reflect on the creative process that has occurred within one or across many arts disciplines.
Students select and use tools and technologies, including information and communication technologies (ICTs), in purposeful ways. They make use of the potential that ICTs provide to inquire and solve artistic problems, to create and present arts works, and to communicate their own arts practice and that of others.