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Each year Coorparoo State School runs the highly successful Artist in Residence program. The program has been in operation for five years and each year its focus and emphasis shifts to accommodate the areas of the Visual Arts Curriculum which have yet to be covered or need to be revisited.

As the name suggests, the school enlists the expertise of professional artists who are timetabled to work with every class for three, 90 minute sessions. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience hands on art which employs a range of media and skills.

The artists assist the students to describe and interpret:

  • elements

  • concepts

  • ideas & feelings

  • experiences & observations, in response to a range of images and objects

  • The programs are designed to enhance and promote:

  • dexterity

  • fine motor skills

  • problem solving

  • a range of aesthetic ideals

Each participating student is provided lessons with experienced artists who guide them through the activity and enable them to produce their own pieces of artwork.

The Arts is one of the key learning areas of the school curriculum and as such, all the necessary outcomes are covered by the programme.

Coorparoo State School Artist in Residence Programme

The Artist in Residence Programme at Coorparoo State School reflects inspiration taken from a myriad of sources - from the diversity of our unique land to its distinctly different and rather wonderful inhabitants.

In keeping with our philosophy, the complex relationships we enjoy with each other and those we respond and engage with in our environment are explored throughout the programme every year.

We look at the minutiae as well as the larger context and ask; how am I different to you? How do we compare? We pause and investigate how we as humans impact upon our environment and how in turn our environment shapes and moulds our beliefs and ideas. This process enables us to recognise how art make sense of our world.

We acknowledge the brilliant artists who have been a part of the programme over the years and celebrate the calibre of our current Resident Artist Deb Mostert. Deb is a highly awarded professional artist with a 20 year practice. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art.

She takes time out from her hectic schedule of exhibiting and commissioned work to share her expertise with our children, opening up new ways of seeing and drawing allowing the students to develop skills across a variety of medium which accelerates dexterity to a higher level.

By tailoring a ‘hands-on’ art programme which focuses on the skills and concepts outlined in the Arts Syllabus, the students of Coorparoo State School catch some of the excitement of a passionate artist who uses drawing as the 'bones' of her art practice not only to teach basic drawing techniques but to open a way of exploring the world around them.