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Unfortunately due to a lack of time to prepare for the Junior Swimming Carnival, we have decided in the interest of safety to cancel this event. This will allow us to continue normal class swimming lessons with our Year 1 and 2 students.


The Senior Swimming Carnival will be held on Tuesday 28 November. This event enables us to select a school swimming team (for students turning 10, 11 or 12 in 2018) to take to the Lytton District swimming trials in 2018.  We will be taking nominations for the 50m events (Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke) in PE lessons. As always, we will hold 25m events in all strokes. Students do not need to nominate for 25m events, they just need to go to marshalling on the day to swim in these events. Students cannot swim a 25m and 50m event in the same stroke ie. Students must not swim in a 50m Freestyle and a 25m Freestyle.

This year we will NOT be doing the 200IM or 100m events as part of our school swimming carnival. Students interested in competing in these events at the Lytton swimming trial in 2018, will be required to submit a paper nomination in late 2017 or early 2018.

Program of Events

9.00 am  - Events begin

11.00am - Morning Tea

11.45 am - Events recommence

1.15pm -  Lunchtime

1.45pm -  Events recommence


1 25m Breaststroke 8 – 12 Girls

 2 25m  Breaststroke 8 – 12 Boys

 3 50m Breaststroke 8 – 12 Girls

 4 50m Breaststroke 8 – 12 Boys

 5 25m Backstroke 8 – 12 Girls

 6 25m Backstroke 8 – 12 Boys

 7 50m Backstroke 8 – 12 Girls

 8 50m Backstroke 8 – 12 Boys

 9 25m Freestyle 8 – 12 Girls

 10 25m Freestyle 8 – 12 Boys

 11 50m Freestyle 8 – 12 Girls

 12 50m Freestyle 8 – 12 Boys

 13 25m Butterfly 8 – 12 Girls

 14 25m Butterfly 8 – 12 Boys

 15 50m Butterfly 8 – 12 Girls

 16 50m Butterfly 8 – 12 Boys


• Results will be finalised after the carnival.

• Age champion will be presented on the next parade after the carnival

• Students who place in 50m events will receive their ribbons at a later date once all data has been collected

• 50m events count toward Age Champion.


• There are no set times for events, they will however, progress in the above order.

• Girls are not permitted to wear two piece swimming costumes. Students are not required to race in a swim shirt. However, they must be wearing a shirt unless they are walking to a race, from a race or in the marshalling area.

• Large containers of cold water will be provided for students to fill up their water bottle during the day.

• Students are permitted to come to school wearing their swimmers under their school uniform. This will alleviate the need for all students to go into the change rooms at the beginning of the day.

• The house areas will be for students only. Parents and spectators are asked to remain in the Parent Support Area.

• Coorparoo State School will endeavour to provide as much shade as possible in the Parent Support Area. However, first priority use of our shade structures will be to ensure adequate shade is provided for all students.

Sun protection

• Please discuss sun safety with your child/ren prior to swimming carnivals. Please discuss the importance of being out of direct sunlight, wearing a shirt and hat when not competing and also applying and re-applying sunscreen throughout the day. There will be sunscreen available on the day if you cannot provide any for your child.


We are requesting help with various aspects of our Senior Swimming Carnival. Please email Megan Carpenter ( if you are able to help.

Pre-Carnival Marquee erecting: Tuesday 28 November from 7.00am

Post-Carnival Marquee packing up: This will take place at the conclusion of the carnival

Time Keeping: Tuesday 28 November

(Morning, Middle or Afternoon Session-please see schedule below for times and specify a timeslot that suits you)

9.00 am  - Events begin (morning session)

11.00 am - Morning Tea

11.45 am - Events recommence (middle session)

1.15pm -  Lunchtime

1.45pm -  Events recommence (afternoon session)

2.55pm (approx.) - Carnival concludes


Facebook and the QSchools app are a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from school. The app is designed to advise families about news, events and announcements. You can also receive emergency announcements such as natural disasters and school closures through the app.

Updates and Push Notifications are sent out advising about changes to sporting events.

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Skills, games, competition

*3 day package* Mon Dec 11- Wed Dec 13.

Blue and Red ball 9am-12:30pm

Orange and Green ball 1pm-4:30pm

Only $100 (for payment options please contact Miranda directly)

For additional information or any questions please contact the school tennis coach Miranda at

Element Swimming are currently taking enrolments for Term 4 Learn to Swim & Squads at Coorparoo State School pool. We offer a fantastic Learn to Swim program, a challenging squad program for the older kids and adult swimming for parents of all abilities. Simply visit our website where you can see real-time class availability, class descriptions, fees and instructions on how to register.
Our 25m heated outdoor pool is currently getting a makeover to bring you a beautifully upgraded facility which will be ready for classes to commence on Monday 30th of October. For more information, visit email us at or call our head coach Ben on 0407 353 985.





Coorparoo State School prides itself on its commitment to school sport. Students have a choice of a number of sports throughout the school year. The school currently boasts National, Queensland, Regional and district school team representatives in a variety of sports. Coorparoo has a sports committee composed of teachers and parents that advances projects connected with school interschool and recreational sport.

Students can be selected by teachers who coach the school teams to attend Lytton District Trials for a particular sport. If selected students can go on to play in Metropolitan Carnivals/State Carnivals for further selections.

The Interschool Sport Program currently runs across three terms throughout the year. Students in these school representative teams travel by bus to various community venues to compete against other schools.

The following are some of the sports that have been offered for students aged 10 -12 (usually years 5-6):

Basketball, Cricket, Australian Football, Netball, Softball, Touch Football, Football (Soccer), Tee Ball, European Handbal, Volleyball.

Parents are welcome to assist with sporting events and interschool sport by volunteering on the scheduled days.