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At Coorparoo, we offer our students every opportunity possible to take the ‘next step’ in terms of District and Regional representation. Coorparoo is one of 30+ schools that make up the Lytton District. This term we will hold in-school trials to identify students to send to Lytton Trials. If students are successful in gaining selection in a Lytton team, they will then compete to make it into our Regional side (Met East). Selection in a Met East side will mean students have the opportunity to compete in State Championships and potentially make a State team. In 2016, Coorparoo had many students representing Lytton and Met East and one of our students even made a State team!

Students born in 2007, 2006 and 2005 are eligible to attend in-school trials. It is highly important that students attend in-school trials on the dates and times specified in newsletters. If students are absent or unable to trial due to illness or injury, please email Miss Carpenter ( BEFORE the trial, so we are aware that we have students not trialling who need to be considered. Selection in Lytton teams is highly competitive, so there is an expectation that if students are coming to an in-school trial, they have had/are having experience playing the sport they are trialling for. Most Lytton trials are for U12 teams (Netball and Rugby League are the exception as there are U11 and U12 teams selected). Whilst 10 year students are invited to attend trials, they need to be aware that we will not send them to a Lytton trial if we do not deem they would be safe and/or competitive against older students.

The following in-school trials will occur in Term 1 and Term 2.

*Please sign up at the HPE Office before attending a trial, so we have an idea of numbers. Sign Up sheets will be up a week before the trial date

Rugby League (Girls)  T2 Wk 4   Mon   8-May 11:10am (13/6/17)
AFL (Girls)  T2 Wk 5T2 Wk 5   Mon 15-May 11:10am (11/7/17)
*NB All trials will be conducted on Carey Field except Tennis (tennis courts)



TENNIS - Term 2 Price Drop

The Queensland Tennis Centre is excited to announce that we are running our ANZ Hot Shots program at the school courts, before and after school. There is a new Tennis coach for "Pure Tennis Academy" at the school, Miranda Hall. She is a former Coorparoo State School student who has been playing tennis for over 20 years and is a Tennis Australia Junior Development qualified coach.

Tennis Term 2 Flyer 2017_Page_1.jpg 

Hot Shots Blue

Age: 3 – 5 years Duration: 30 min sessions Cost: $15.00

Times: Monday 3:00pm | Tuesday 3:00pm

The blue stage provides a great introduction to tennis for beginners. Hot Shots Blue lessons are designed to provide kids with a introductory tennis experience through the development of motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and perceptual activities are introduced in a fun educational environment.

Hot Shots Red

Age: 5 – 7 years Duration: 45 min sessions Cost: $19.00

Times: Monday 3:30pm | Tuesday 8:00am & 3:30pm

Wednesday 3:00pm | Thursday 8:00am | Friday 3:00pm

Red Ball has a strong focus on Serve, Rally and Play. Kids are introduced to game play tactics on the modified mini courts. With the larger red ball (25% compression), kids can have success learning to move, rally and compete in game play.

Hot Shots Orange

Age: 8 – 10 years Duration: 45 min sessions Cost: $19.00

Times: Monday 4:15pm | Tuesday 7:15am & 4:15pm

Wednesday 3:45pm | Thursday 7:15am

Using modified equipment (50% compression balls and 3/4 courts),

Hot Shots Orange is designed for players ready to develop their stroke, with a focus on technique and movement. Different spins and tactics are introduced in a fun filled educational environment.

Hot Shots Green

Age: 10+ years Duration: 60 min sessions Cost: $22.00

Times: Wednesday 4:30pm | Friday 3:45pm

Green Ball is the final modified stage. Full court is used, with 75% compression balls. Players will learn to develop their strokes and game play tactics, in an intense and fun environment




Coorparoo State School prides itself on its commitment to school sport. Students have a choice of a number of sports throughout the school year. The school currently boasts National, Queensland, Regional and district school team representatives in a variety of sports. Coorparoo has a sports committee composed of teachers and parents that advances projects connected with school interschool and recreational sport.

Students can be selected by teachers who coach the school teams to attend Lytton District Trials for a particular sport. If selected students can go on to play in Metropolitan Carnivals/State Carnivals for further selections.

The Interschool Sport Program currently runs across three terms throughout the year. Students in these school representative teams travel by bus to various community venues to compete against other schools.

The following are some of the sports that have been offered for students aged 10 -12 (usually years 5-6):

Basketball, Cricket, Australian Football, Netball, Softball, Touch Football, Football (Soccer), Tee Ball, European Handbal, Volleyball.

Parents are welcome to assist with sporting events and interschool sport by volunteering on the scheduled days.