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School Parking

Traffic signs and lines around schools are in place to ensure pedestrian safety and safe traffic flow. See the map on Page 6 of the Newsletter. If you would like to report a maintenance issue regarding traffic signs and lines at your school, please contact Brisbane City Council.

Parking in and around Halstead Street (PDF, 319KB)

The various signs around schools include:

No parking

The driver of a vehicle must not stop on a length of road or in an area to which a no parking sign applies, unless the driver:

  • is dropping off or picking up of passengers or goods; and

  • does not leave the vehicle unattended

  • completes the dropping off or picking up of the passengers or goods and drives on as soon as possible and, within the required time after stopping

No stopping

A driver must not stop on a length of road or in an area to which a no stopping sign applies.

School zone

40 kph speed limit applies in school hours during school days.

Loading zone, two minutes maximum

Passenger Loading Zones allow you to set down and pick up your child and usually allow you to stop for two minutes. This should be enough time to help your child with luggage and seatbelts. You are not allowed to leave your car and go into the school.

How to use two minute zones


  • use the zone like a quick moving taxi rank

  • move forward as space becomes available

  • ensure children watch for their ride and move promptly to the vehicle

  • load and unload passengers only at the head of the line

  • stay in the car unless loading baggage or passengers

Do not:

  • park for more than two minutes - you can be fined

  • leave the vehicle, except to help load or unload. This is an offence during the hours of operation

  • reverse into the zone - you will put other children in danger; join the queue

  • call children to the bottom of the queue or across the road.

Visit the Brisbane City Council website for more information about Commonly seen signs around schools.