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Student Leadership

Student Leaders at Coorparoo State School are the student representatives of our learning community. This representation is a public position with student leaders being called upon on official / special occasions (at the discretion of the Principal) to embrace and model all values and expectations of students within our community. In addition to this students leaders will:

  • Be responsible to the school administration and should carry out all duties asked of them by any member of the school administration

  • Promote all goals and values that are important at Coorparoo State School

  • Display exemplary conduct and attitudes relating to all areas of school life

  • Work enthusiastically with fellow students in assisting the educational opportunities for all

During Semester 2 all Year  5 students participate in a series of leadership sessions led by the Deputy Principal. Students are then given the opportunity to write responses to a series of leadership questions and to deliver a persuasive speech for positions as School Leaders. After these speeches have been delivered to their year level peers and teachers, voting and interviews take place to fill the school leadership positions.

The following leadership positions will be included in the leadership application process that commences in Term 3:

  • School Captains 

  • House Captains                                    

  • Student Council Representatives      

Stage One (4 September – 13 October 2017)
Signing and completion of Student Leader Application Form (available from the school website on Monday 4 September 2017) which must be attached to candidates written responses to the four selection questions that are listed on the application form. Candidates should not exceed more than 75 words for each question. Applications will then be viewed by the Application Panel (Made up of some or all of the following: Principal, Deputy Principal, Head of Curriculum, and teacher(s) from Year 5) with suitable candidates progressing through to stage 2. 
Stage Two (Week beginning 23 October 2017)
Students prepare and deliver a speech (not exceeding 2 minutes) to the current Year 5 student body on why they wish to be considered for a position of student leadership, and how they would contribute to the well being of our learning community. Short listed students will proceed to stage 3.
Stage Three (Week beginning 6 November 2017)
If necessary, short listed candidates will be contacted and advised of an interview time with the Application Panel (Made up of some or all of the following: Principal, Deputy Principal, Head of Curriculum, and a representative from the P&C executive). All short listed candidates will be given advanced notice prior to the interview with all information provided in a written letter.
Stage Four (Week beginning 20 November 2017)
The Applicant Panel will deliver all rankings to the School Principal, and Parents and Citizens President for endorsement and confirmation.
Stage Five (Wednesday 22 November 2017)
The School Principal or delegate will then contact and appoint the highest ranked candidates for each of the positions. In the event a student refuses the position then the Principal will then go to the next highest ranked candidate and offer the same until acceptance is gained.
Stage Six (Term 1, 2018)
All student leaders will be sworn in at a special Student Leader Investiture Assembly and presented to the school community in 2018.
Additional Leadership Opportunities
Additional opportunities for Student Leadership, which may include Music Captain, Environment Captain, Library and Art Monitors, German Monitors and Green Team (Environmental Action Group)  and Student Council Representatives  will be widely advertised in Term 1.

Student Council and Green Team
Students from Years 3 to 6 are eligible to be voted onto the Student Council and Green Team. Each class votes to select a representative for their class during term one each year. Regular meetings are facilitated by teachers leading the student council. Expectations of students undertaking roles include:

•Assisting with communication between staff and students

•Being a forum for issues of importance to students

•Providing opportunities for students to exhibit leadership qualities

•Allowing students to develop an understanding of meeting procedures

•Assisting School Captains and staff in running school functions

•Providing an avenue for fundraising for school, student and community needs

•Developing student ownership of school activities.